Sunday, May 26, 2013

Toddlers, minimum communication skills, maximum demands

I found myself in one of those days, where I was so frustrated with my almost terrible two-year old that I wanted to pull my hair out, throw my arms up and scream my head off.

I knew he wanted something.




I had no idea.

His wordless commands escalated to desperate yelps to angry screams.

In the end he satisfied himself with a binkie and a poop.

Thus this was the day that I found out that perhaps I am not as down with it all as I thought I was, and unfortunately for me there was no happy ending to the rest of the day as angry and frustrated baby led to an even more exhausted mum
.  I guess there is no story book ending in real life and perhaps tomorrow or next week the same thing will happen and my blood pressure will once again be off the charts but I can offer myself only this advice, that it's a phase and one day things will get better, maybe not this week or month or year, but one day it will get better.

I'm right...right?

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