Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Everytime I 'fight' with R I always find myself loving him even more (if that is even possible) after.

Our arguments range from why he should brush his teeth, to why he must eat his dinner to why mummy will only read 3 books before bed and not ALL of the books etc

Just your typical mother - son interactions.

What amazes me every time is how R always manages to make me feel like the most important person on the planet to him even though I might have just broken his heart a little.

Tears are usually followed by hugs and more hugs then smiles and a few more hugs. Which is also the reason why I feel exactly like the biggest meanie after our fights and why I know for a fact that R is definitely a bigger person than I am every single time.

Perhaps this is his gift to me - the lesson that if you love someone, regardless of what has happened between the two of you, there is nothing a hug and a smile won't fix.

Thank you my sweet.

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