Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ferber method - Day 3

7:20 following his daily ritual of bath then bed, little R was put into his cot awake and crying :(

7:25 I went to console the now hysterically crying R and rubbed his little belly and whispered in his ears I love him and left, to his distress and mine he cried harder and screamed a little in protest

7:34 after much tantrums and fits, little R finally settled and fell asleep, I have to admit it's really hard to hear him cry so defiantly and it's almost heartbreaking to know that he's that upset, but I honestly believe that I am not doing this only for my own sake but also to help him learn to sleep better in the night.

Let's see how tonight will fare.


9:28 little R's final meal of the day , 180 ml of formula with two spoonful of rice cereal... Thick! He wasn't too pleased with being woken up but still managed to take his full meal and was out cold by the end of his feed.


1:50 R woke up with a lethargic cry and a few ahs, but almost immediately fell back asleep at 1:53... Bliss...


5:10 I don't believe it!! It's a Ferber miracle! After 'almost' 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep minus the 1:50 am episode and R woke up for his morning feed!! After which he fell back asleep again!! I'm so stunned and pleased with myself that I almost have difficulty falling back asleep myself!

Little R woke at 7 as usual and I haven't had a dose of good sleep in ages!!! I hope this continues :)

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