Saturday, June 9, 2012

Ferber method - Day 2

Following yesterday's somewhat success today continues on with little R's sleep training

7:20 after R's bath and a few sips of water he was put down in his cot awake, and immediately as I left, he started to cry somewhat profusely with screams on and off

7:26 the cries started to die down at around 7:25 and it's just a few ahs and mmms here and there now, I wasn't sure if I should have tended to him knowing upon seeing me he would get more upset so I kept an eye on him in case he did start to cry harder but it seems that he's now...asleep! At 7:28pm! Wow!!

I'm not getting my hopes up too high though because I know tonight might still be full of wakings and tantrums... Fingers crossed!


9:18 fed R 180ml with one spoon of rice cereal for supper and he was out by the end of the feed.


1:48 R is up, he's not upset just making some noise n turning around in his cot...

1:54 after a few farts n scratches on his mattress... Silence


2:13 little R woke up Again and screeched went to rub his belly at 2:12 and now the waiting game begins again...

2:47 after what seemed like eternity little R is back asleep, during the past half an hour or so he basically talked to himself, complained a little and played with his mattress... Ok back to sleep mummy...


4:31 Another bout of crying, I resisted going to him as his cries were murmured and soft, and after a few minutes he fell back asleep

5:07 Earthquake!!! Shook mama awake but baby R slept right through it, he must have liked the slight swinging effect...

Ok so day two didn't go as well as anticipated R woke up at 7 as usual and seemed his usual pleasant self, I just hope I can stomach another day of this sleeplessness...

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