Monday, September 23, 2013

A year on...

About a year ago I used to take R to our local Starbucks for a little caffeine fix in the morning every once in a while. This was when he was about 8 months old.

Back then taking him out meant him staying in his stroller and me trying to relax but really just barely containing my anxiety.  This is because sometimes being out with a baby is a bit like being out with a bomb that might detonate any minute to become a screaming, crying, yelling, pulling and banging little meatball.

                   a là this lil monster 

A year has since passed and I am amazed by the remarkable advancement in R's ability to adjust to life as an aware and responsible part of society, where he understands that behavior described above is not socially preferred, and is able sit relatively still and talk in a moderately controlled volume whilst inside an indoor coffee shop.

Today we had a wonderful time playing with his Pokemon stickers and sharing a garlic herb bun. 

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