Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Funny things that my son did #3

#3. He's a belieber.

Yes. I have a little Justin Belieber baby baby baby ooh~ like baby baby baby noo~ baby on my hand.

Not only did he once mimic JB's infamous Bieber-do but also managed to pull off the Bieber aloof expression with pouty lips look.

Recently this mild Bieber obsession has turned itself into a much more sinister and mind numbing form of the never ending request of Biebers hit Baby, circa 2009 (?). I let R hear it out of pure boredom, who knew it would eventually lead to the destruction of our mother-son relationship.

It goes something like this...

R: baby baby baby.....mummy!!!!!

Me: argh... 

R: baby baby baby....BABY BABY BABY ....ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

Me: I give up (presses play to the insidious song on iPhone for the 200th time that day)

I have only myself to blame.

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