Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Funny things that my so did #4

#4 he's always one step ahead of me

The other day I tried to go to the bathroom, to no avail, and R was just wondering around the bathroom showing me his trucks and buses - a typical bathroom experience ever since he arrived; and I couldn't help but smell a certain...iffy smell.  I kept wondering if I person doesn't go...go, do they still produce the accompanying scent anyway? 

I gave up after a few minutes and decided to put R to bed as it was his nap time.  And that familiar smell just followed us out of the bathroom and into the bedroom, it just wouldn't evaporate!

Then something in my head connected
, and I checked his diaper - sure enough a nice blob of poo.

He must have mistaken 'mummy needs to go to the bathroom' for 'mummy needs to clean me so I better go to the bathroom'.


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