Monday, April 10, 2017

1yr old Baby Schedule

Technically, J hasn't turned 1 yet but this has been a pretty standard schedule for him for the last 3 months and he's doing pretty well, really it's his 9-12 month old schedule.

5:30 - wake up and BF on both sides - immediately goes back to sleep

7:00 - official wake up time, diaper change

7:30 - breakfast which consists of a combination of Oats, fruits, yoghurt and or cheese.  J isn't the best eater he and he likes to chew things up and spit them back out so I always need to have a couple of things on hand, and if nothing else works, bread is always a winner (so far)

8:00 - play time which consists of hi, chasing the dog, chasing his brother or chasing a ball, he's pretty independent so he doesn't need a lot looking after during play time and I usually just make sure he's safe and not touching anything dangerous or breaking anything of his brothers

9:00 - nap time, I hold him and together we shut the blinds and as I am doing so, I will say to him gently that it's sleep time and he needs to go to sleep, so that he would recognize the word sleep.  He will usually nap for 1-1.5 hours.  I will change his diaper so he would be comfortable during his nap.

10:30 - I will always wake him up by this time regardless of how much he has slept.  He will get some water, I used to breast feed but it would make him not hungry enough for lunch so I've cut it out.

10:30-11:30 I will try and take him out for a walk, if I have time otherwise its playtime at home so back to chasing the dog or chasing a ball (brother will be at school by now)

12:00 - lunch time for mummy and baby, I will always feed him first then give him some finger foods while I eat my lunch.

12:30-1:30 - play time again, sometimes we will sing some songs and J loves to dance and wiggle his butt ^^ I will also give him a fresh change of diapers.

3:30 - blinds open and its time for some boobies, he would usually brink for up to 10 minutes on each breast and a change of diapers before we head out to pick up his brother.

4:00 - we try to leave the house and pick up older brother R by now and usually we would stop by the park and let R play for 30-45 minutes before heading home.

5:30 - last minute dinner preparations while R and J get some play time together.

6:00 - dinner time and as per lunch time J would get his dinner and then some finger foods while we eat.

6:45-7:30 - play time with R as I finish with the housework

7:30 - bath time

8:00 - diapers changed and jammies on, its time for some lullabies and last minute kisses from R and dad and its time for bed, J will get some BF and then go to sleep

J can now sleep from 8 till around 5:30 am for his first BF, sometimes he wakes up earlier and sometimes even later, but it's been pretty predictable for the last few months, mind you he is a very light sleeper so sometime noises in the night will wake him (unlike R who can probably sleep through a rave party) and I try not to use BF to put him back to sleep rather just using my voice to sooth him and again telling him to go to sleep and that it's sleep time, so far it's worked like a charm.

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