Monday, March 4, 2013

A toothy problem

Every time after one of my sons teeth pops out, I always go through an enormous guilt trip and over compensate him by buying him one (or thirty) new toys.

This might sound like a really strange ritual, but let me explain.

In all honesty my son is not perfect, he has a bit of a hot headed temper (which I take complete responsibility for), and he has a tendency to scream on the top of his voice if he doesn't get what he wants. All these are the toddler norm (I presume) and in general he's a really happy guy who enjoy socializing and playing and eating (especially the latter).

However, in the last week I have lost it with his temperaments on more than a couple of occasions. This has made me question my abilities of being a parent, and reasoned with myself whether or not he really is the devil reincarnated (seriously).

This is of course until I touch the little bit of hardness poking out of his gums that I realize...ahhhhh he was teething!

The thing with teething is that you don't really know it is what it is until the tooth surfaces itself. After all the child cannot say or express himself, we can only guess, perhaps it was this or that. This mixed with our own doubts of our parenting skills creates a very stressful time for both the parent and the child.

I guess after all this, the lesson that should be learned is, no matter what happens remember to be calm, because even though the child cannot control his emotions we as adults cannot loose our heads and do something we might regret and make a difficult situation even worse.

Keep Calm
Take a deep breath

Will be my mantra from now on


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