Sunday, March 31, 2013

Arghhhh I'm so tired

So tired that my whole body is in shut down mode yet my mind keeps reminding me of the list of chores undone... Baby's laundry, dirty dishes, tomorrow's meal preparations, own laundry, sweep the floor, look alive, conceal those dark panda eyes, become more positive, love my life...

It is hard to always be happy and positive about everything. It's especially hard to suppress those fantasies of returning to those days when life was only about doing things that made me happy, shopping, eating out, catching up with friends, reading in the afternoon before falling asleep and taking a lovely afternoon nap, walking out of the house with a small bag, wearing earrings.

I am definitely having one of those moments where I'm wondering about the what ifs.

As another hectic day draws to an end I struggle to put into perspective the purpose of my life, the decisions that I've made and the consequences of each of my actions.

I love my child. Unconditionally and unequivocally. But I also love myself. Without a doubt. Because loving my child sometimes limits myself from loving me, I must often take a step back and reexamine my life and what I need to do to improve the current status quo.

Today, I have decided to let the laundry wait.

Leave the dishes in the sink.

Buy take out for the next few days.

Book a massage for tomorrow and ask my husband to babysit.

Go to bed at 10pm.

Perhaps the last two can help me finish off the last few items on my to do list.

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