Monday, July 23, 2012

Favluv - Luv it!

Writing has sort of become a passion lately.

Ever since I realized that being a milk maid and house maid had made me more a hag than a maid.

And like an answered prayer, my lovely friend proposed an an intriguing and very exciting idea - contributing articles to her fabulous website Favluv ( An ingenious website that offers readers top three selling products in a number of categories. I have been given the task of researching and writing about fashion and baby products for those of you who are interested.

Writing for Favluv is very different from writing my blog in one major area, and that is my word actually count for something other than entertainment. The idea that someone will be reading what I write and possibly making a purchase based upon my research and recommendation is sort of a big deal, well for me anyway.

Like everything else in this world, with great responsibility comes great self satisfaction. A few hours each week perfecting my articles have made some sort of perfectionist again. I read and re-read my writing like a maniac before submissions and ever since I had a rather heart breaking review lately, it has made paranoid on the quality of each piece.

I'm grateful for the opportunity that was given to me because although I love, love, love being a mother, having another job title is also very fulfilling in its own way.

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