Sunday, June 24, 2012

Itchy, much?

Since early this week I have been having progressively itchier nights caused by what I now believe to be hives. At first I thought it could be mosquito bites on my neck and arm but it's been reoccurring every night in different places and have definitely been getting worse and worse.

Just when I've started to get more sleep now this.

I googled online and came across something interesting, but unfortunate. There is apparently something called postpartum hives that occur due to the oxytocin that is released every time a let down happens during breastfeeding.

Could this be what I am going through?

Going to the dermatologist tomorrow to find out, stay tuned for updates...


Went to the doctors, he said my hives are not caused by breastfeeding n asked me to change my bed sheets.

Slightly insulted from his accusation that my bed is somehow the cause of my hives, I returned home and changed my bed sheets and in my cleaning frenzy discovered that my summer blanket was...becoming fluffy?

I washed it and found that the fluff would not come off!

Could it really be a simple case of fluffy blankets causing my itchy skin?

I decided to use another blanket for the time being and see if it made any difference...

Another bout of the hives have driven me back to the dermatologist and this time I have decided to be a good girl n listen to the good doctor and take my medicine, he assured me that the medicine will have no effect if breastfeeding... Fingers crossed...

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