Wednesday, June 20, 2012

You're so photogenic, Baby!

Since having my baby 6 months ago, I have unearthed a few hidden talents, and one of these talents is photography.  Obviously this is a completely subjective analysis of course, but I believe my ability to capture little R in his best moments on par with Annie Lebovitz and Mario Testino (cue to laugh hysterically).  Despite my total ignorance and big headedness, I do, however think that I have a few tips and tricks up my sleeve for capturing babies in their best.

Now, all babies are cute, full stop, but sometimes its just a matter of angle and lighting that makes a cute baby into an 'oh my god I want to bite his chubby cheeks off' baby.

1) When babies are only able to lay on their backs, sometimes their face is so chubby and cherub like that they somehow resemble a big pizza, round, flat and lacking much dimension.  That's fine because most of the baby's feature are not fully developed yet, so if you are noticing this for the first time, chillax.  So in this case, why not try shooting from the top of his head, the angle will make his face more dimensional and if your baby looks up at mummy (or daddy) you get the added bonus of the big eye effect!

2) Ever want to take a photo with your baby but somehow always manage to look like how you feel i.e. struggling on 2 hours of sleep and last meal was 6 hours ago and consisted of half a bagel.  The best way to look good (and healthy) is to have your baby lay next to you on the bed with the camera (I like to use my iPhone) facing down, the gravity will naturally pull your face and skin back making you look fresher and younger instantly!

3) Never take a picture with bad lighting or no lighting, I always turn on the lights to make sure that pictures come out clearer and that way any edits you may want to make to the pictures can be done without too much work, which leads me to my next tip...

4) Having good, easy to use - this is the key here, EASY to use editing programs are essential for a busy mother.  I use my iPhone here again and my favorite apps right now are Line Camera, Instagram and Photolr PS.  All of these apps are easy to use and have great editing options not to mention create cute pictures and instantly uploads to my Facebook.

So, next time you catch your baby do something adorable, don't forget to get your camera or iPhone to capture these precious moments, and give my tips a try!

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