Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My ultimate must have baby list for new mums!

1) Ergobaby carrier - yes it's expensive but in my opinion it's really worth the cash to purchase an item than you will use often that's both good for your baby and you! If you like to snuggle up with your baby often then I highly recommend getting this baby carrier, it's functional and comfortable while allowing for bonding time for you and your baby!

2)Sophie - its an all natural rubber chewy squeaky toy that all babies will enjoy playing with. The fact that even the coloring is naturally derived makes it comforting for even the most jittery of mothers.

3)Parklon play mat - these are non toxic play mats that are colorful, thick cushioned and safe for babies to play, eat or sleep on. I prefer these one piece play mats to the puzzle types that tends to be harder to clean between the cracks and safer in that kids can't rip them out of the floor which might pose a potential fall accident.

4) Bumbo baby seat - this is an award winning baby seat that teaches babies the correct posture to sit. It comes in a variety of cute colors and accessories such a play table, or high chair option. I find the table very useful for meal time to avoid dribbles and it prevents over active kids from tipping the seat over. Bumbo users should be aware that it must NEVER be placed on an elevated surface to prevent falls.

5) Pigeon nail scissors, or any type of round, short tipped scissors will do. I find scissors so much easier to use than clippers because you can see where you're cutting easily and the round tip ensures that you don't poke the delicate baby fingers by accident.

6) Avent 5 in one sterilizer - what you want for these type of products is simply that it's easy to use and it works! Both apply to this dishwasher safe, no brainer sterilizer. The fact that it's roomy and fits a lot of stuff is also a plus.

7) DHC cotton buds & Pigeon double tipped cotton buds. The DHC cotton buds have a little bit of olive oil in them so they are great for cleaning around the outside of the ears or the belly button which can get dried dirty gook in them. The oil lubricates the skin and brings out the gunk, no fuss no muss. The Pigeon double tipped cotton buds have one side which has a natural sticky jelly like substance derived from plants that can attach itself onto larger pieces of snot in babies noses helping to clear clogged sinuses and relieved blocked noses, very common amongst babies.

8) Summer swaddle wraps - they come in a variety of colors and available in fleece or cotton for changes in weather as well as two sizes so if you have a big baby like me then you can still swaddle your baby with ease. I found that when R was a little older and not requiring the full swaddle anymore I could use the swaddle and just wrap it around his belly and that way he's still warm from the chest down but he's not restricted as he would be fully swaddled.

9) iPhone - I know this is technically not a baby item but my iPhone has become one of the most used items since I've had my baby. I use it to take photos, videos, send messages to my husband who is in Japan, my family and friends, edit pictures, chat with my other mummy friends, search online for child care techniques, record baby's schedule with apps and play music to a fussy baby ... And write my blog without the need of my computer! Talk about a multi-tasker!

10) Patience - haha, ok I admit I still don't have this one down to a tee but I'm trying my darnedest to make sure no matter what I am always patient, I've had moments where I've lost it and I totally regret it later and to make sure I don't do it again I try to take a few breaths or even just step out of the room for a few seconds so that my impatience won't cause me to do something I will be ashamed of later. While everything else on the list can be bought, this is something that every mother needs to learn and reinforce everyday, but it will go towards the happiness of you and your child so much further and no matter what, a necessary skill in your life.

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