Monday, June 11, 2012

Ferber method - Day 4

Argh, I almost don't want to write today's blog because it had been so exhausting and stressful, but I decided that since I dug my own grave u might as well lay in it, sorry about being do melodramatic but I also don't want anyone else to make the same mistakes as I did, so here's what went on tonight...

7:15 - after R's bath I put him in his bed and gave him a kiss good night, he started to cry profusely for the next 5 minutes, and I went to comfort and sooth him for a minute after that. I find that every time I leave him he always cries the hardest but managed to calm himself after a few minutes and tonight was no different, he managed to fall asleep at 7:28 pm.

Now what happened the next hour I cannot recall exactly the timing but basically I went to check up in my baby as I always did after he falls asleep to find him sleeping faced down, or at least what appeared to be faced down, I panicked immediately I turned him face up, this action must have startled and scared him and thus caused him to cry in an in controllable manner, I didn't know if I should hold him or not so I decided to just sooth him from the side of the bed, after about approximately 20 minutes his cries have resorted to a lazy whimper, I decided to check on him again and this time I found him in the most awkward position with his neck turned almost 90 degrees against the cot railing, and again I freaked out moving his body to a more natural position. This again caused him so much distress that this time his fries were inconsolable, no matter what I did he cried and cried. I felt so guilty!! I finally said screw it to the training, I need to hold my baby and kissed him and told him I loved him and apologized to him for waking him up, TWICE! It was close to 8:30 then and I decided to give him his last feed a little earlier since he'd probably be very worn out from the crying.

9:10 back in his cot, happy, full and a little energetic, I let him play and do his business while I procrastinated on my bed, half expecting him to act up again but to my surprise and delight he quickly began his 'I'm lazy' call rituals or mmms and ahhhs and by 9:27 he was asleep, no crying involved at all!! Oh my baby~~~


0:57: little R woke up and complained with a soft cough like cry and a few ahs. I suspect he was woken up by thr pouring rain and lightening thunders outside... Anyway at 1:02 he was back asleep again.

3:27 hungry little dude woke up wanting a feed and after his feed when back to sleep

6:30 early morning wake up today fed and happy boy :)

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